Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes size does matter

Today I have released the version 1.5.0 of PowerGrasp which has better support for tablets. Of course, it ran on tablets before, didn't it? But that didn't satisfy me. I was using PowerGrasp on the tablet and thought, some things are off. Where is the action bar support? Why are the panels placed on top? They are hard to reach.

Not anymore. So there you have it, now the application has more convenient placement of panels, portrait orientation no longer uses view pager since the screen is already large enough.

Another thought I had, lists don't fully utilize the space available on the screen. This is addressed now, too, with the new icons view. This view is also available on smartphones, so this update is not only for the tablets.

Also, in the previous version, which I haven't written about, I've made a feature which enables to send me donations. A donation of any size will turn off the ads permanently. Oh, and also they, of course, keep me motivated to produce new versions of PowerGrasp.

Right now we have 36 hundred installs, thank you guys! More features are coming...