Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes size does matter

Today I have released the version 1.5.0 of PowerGrasp which has better support for tablets. Of course, it ran on tablets before, didn't it? But that didn't satisfy me. I was using PowerGrasp on the tablet and thought, some things are off. Where is the action bar support? Why are the panels placed on top? They are hard to reach.

Not anymore. So there you have it, now the application has more convenient placement of panels, portrait orientation no longer uses view pager since the screen is already large enough.

Another thought I had, lists don't fully utilize the space available on the screen. This is addressed now, too, with the new icons view. This view is also available on smartphones, so this update is not only for the tablets.

Also, in the previous version, which I haven't written about, I've made a feature which enables to send me donations. A donation of any size will turn off the ads permanently. Oh, and also they, of course, keep me motivated to produce new versions of PowerGrasp.

Right now we have 36 hundred installs, thank you guys! More features are coming...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting grip of the files

Well, it's been a long time since the last post. Does it mean that I have abandoned development of the applications? Hell, no! I've been working on something I planned to make a long time ago. Actually it started as a Java ME project, which became quite a popular application in Russian-speaking circles of the internet for mobile phones. Well, now it has come to Android.

PowerGrasp - the archiver and file manager.

So, why another one when there are enough of them already? Because I beleive I can do such an app that will be pleasant to use. Unfortunately, not all other apps have the same qualities. Besides, I enjoy making applications, so why not?

Now, what this fella can do. It can work with ZIP, RAR and tar files. By working I mean not only unpacking, but also creating and editing existing archives. Unfortunately, RAR files can't be created and modified (sorry, but the authors of RAR forbid it), but that's not the case with ZIP and tar files.

This is not only an archiver, it is also a file manager. When I made a Java ME application, it wasn't like this, but on Android it seems to be impossible to make an archiver and not implement some features of a file manager. So here we go: we have all the usual features like copy, cut, paste, delete and so on. Also PowerGrasp has a neat interface with two pages, just slide your finger to the side to open the next one.

I have created a Wiki on Bitbucket for PowerGrasp where you can get all the help for the application. Right now it has a lot of missing content, but I will add more over time. You can even help me create a decent wiki, that would be absolutely great. Also there is an issue tracker for PowerGrasp where you can post your suggestions and found bugs.

So, you can grab PowerGrasp on Google Play and try it out. I hope you like it!